Give today to support youth in 5th-8th grade learn how to play guitar. image

Give today to support youth in 5th-8th grade learn how to play guitar.

Your entire contribution will be used to pay for guitar instructors and to purchase the necessary guitars (and will allow us to offer this program at no cost to our members).

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New guitar-focused music program called KaRe Camp (Kyle Ray Cooper Aspiring Musicians Program).

Our organization has partnered with the Cooper family to develop this program in honor of Kyle Ray Cooper, a native of Casa Grande who was a talented musician and guitarist. This program was created to honor the memory of Kyle and to share his passion for the guitar with young people at our Nap Lawrence Branch. Knowing that music enriches a child's mind, enables creativity and serves as a therapeutic outlet for their emotions, KaRe Camp is dedicated to helping children develop a passion for music – specifically the guitar that will positively impact the rest of their lives.

Our organization will begin accepting applications KaRe Camp again for 2023 as during the Pandemic we had paused this program (any Club Member in 5th – 8th grade can apply), with 5 Club Members. Upon being selected, Club Members will commit to attending weekly lessons and practicing at home throughout the school year. At the end of the year, any participant who meets all program criteria will be given a guitar of their own.